Lightweight threading library designed with object orrientation. Used by MTA:Eir and Magic.TXD. Supports plugin extension of threading objects as replacement for TLS.

The repository has the following layout.

  • ‘NativeExecutive/’: the actual library to be checked-out
  • ‘unittest/’: test scripts that test the library’s functionality

Learn more on how to use this library here.

How to Build

To correctly build the C++ source code you need

Check-out the source code from ‘’. Navigate into “Build” and open “NativeExecutive.sln” to find the main solution file.

Supported Operating Systems

The build environment supports Windows XP and above. There are special “_legacy” build configurations to target Windows XP specifically.


NativeExecutive depends on the following modules. They have to be placed in the same directory.

Using NativeExecutive

If you want to use this library in your own project you are meant to create a “vendor” directory in which you perform a “check-out” of it along with the listed dependencies. Here is a tutorial on how to set up your SVN repository.